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Open Data Mining
Search Globally
Search Your Target Customer
Search Your Target Vendor
Search Global Buyers
Reach 800,000 + buyers from 98 countries
Generate thousands of sales leads
Build your buyer network
Explore World's Largest
Vendor Credit Database
Track export shipment records
Check commercial authenticity
Review capacity and customer reference
Gain vendor credit score in 2 minutes
Expand Your Business
Use HME��s online sales software and vendor credit database
to export and import products and expand your global businesses.
Vendor Credit Report
1:1 Sourcing
Search Buyers
Find Buy Offers
Accelerate Deals
Buyer Benefits
All information you need to confirm supplier's qualification
Third party report says more
Customs data never cheats
Cost Saving Vendor Qualified Sourcing Time Reduced
Supplier Benefits
Huge amount of buyer resources
Online CRM and sales software
A brand-new web 3.0 system
Buyers in Your Network Sales Leads Revenue Increased
Online Quotations Hot bids
Customer Success Stories
AM Wire Pte Ltd
  HMEonline provides me probably the most effective vendor management tools...  
Andrew Marshall
Vice President
Toyop Relief Pvt Ltd
  I am very much impressed with the professionalism of HMEonline Vendor Credit Reporting Service...  
Sachin S Shah
Chief Executive Officer
Jiangsu Runtong Valves  Co.,Ltd.
  We can finally develop our own customers by ourselves beyond the fact that we have closed more deals on 
Danny Chen
Sales Manger
Shandong Jinqi Steel Pipes Co.,Ltd.
  HMEonline��s target marketing tools make it simple to get the RFQs that precisely match our products...  
Ziyang Li
General Manager
Corporate Video About Us
HMEonline is a global trading service provider for importers and exporters all over the world, boasting of its efficiency-oriented online CRM system and profit-driven sales software as well as open data mining.
The brand-new online CRM system gives you the proven power to take initiative to develop buyers and then build your own business network. And the true value of open data mining is nearly endless. From positioning buying customers, to know buying behaviors, to finding totally new opportunities that could accelerate your deals. Whatever your goal, we��ll provide exactly what you need to achieve it.
Founded in 2005, HMEonline has years experience of foreign trading and online sourcing to help thousands of suppliers and buyers expanding their businesses. Now has attracted more than 80,000 verified buyers and 160,000 qualified suppliers on a worldwide scale.
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